What you focus on, grows. Simple, right?  So it’s a good idea to A-ppreciate the great things life offers, instead of diminishing, devaluing or de-preciating them.

We all do it, when the ‘spin’ of daily life makes us miss the things that make it worth living. Here is a quickie checklist of every-day gifts to help raise that attitude to one of gratitude, and put that ‘ting’ on your day. So give me an A (and keep that D, thanks)!

Bet you can check at least 5 things listed here. Bet it makes you feel better to do so…

  • Your People! Who do you love, babe? Anyone among your family, friends, housemates, co-workers… is there anyone who really makes you laugh, or think, or just feel good?
  • Your Pets – perhaps you’re just not a people-person, more of a cat-crazy lady, or a dogs best friend? Well, if there is anything that can uplift me, it’s my cats! who needs YouTube cat videos, when I have mine irl! (In real life, for us fogies).
  • Your Treats! The smell of coffee, the taste of chocolate, a long bath after a hard day. Well, in Cape Town currently, the biggest treat is being allowed to flush the toilet! You know, the little things.
  • Things that make your life easier: your smart phone, electricity, appliances, the internet! A car if you have one, or whatever wheels are taking you today.
  • Special things you have grown used to: your wedding ring, those photos in frames you haven’t properly looked at in months, those comfy slippers.
  • The fleeting, happy moments: a face-time with a bestie, an unexpected gut-laugh, a long hug with your kid, a sexy smile, a rush of joy, a feeling of calm.

Feel free to add to this list, we’d love your input.

You rock!